Testimonials from Our Families

See what our families have to say about our classes!!!

  • "This class is the highlight of our week. Then we keep singing with the CD and showing Dad what we both learned. We have so much fun in and out of the class through this program" (Parent of a 1-year old, started at 6 months)
  • "Noelle started this semester so quiet and shy, and after only a few weeks, she is singing and dancing non stop. She is even creating her own songs and musical games. One night when the 4 grandparents were babysitting her, she made them sing, dance and improvise "Jumpin Josie". They were happily exhausted the next morning" (Mom of a 3-year old)
  • "We feel so lucky to have Frances as our music teacher!  Her love for children and music shines through in every class! (Mom of 2-year old)


  • "It has been amazing to watch my 15-month old daughter chant and sing at home even when the CD is not playing. She makes the "Fireworks" song even better than her 3-year old sister." (Mom of 15-month old)
  • "My son who has special needs, lives for this class! He has 6 therapies a week, but when he knows he is coming to music with Frances, his eyes shine and he starts singing and clapping to most of the songs, that he knows by heart now. It is incredible! He has never reacted so enthusiastic to anything else we've tried. It has helped him in every way, and for us is a treat too!" (Mom of a 3- and a 5-year old)
  • "Frances is so captivating to the babies that mine, who I can't get to sit in one place for 2 minutes, plants herself in front of Frances, stares at her in wonder and won't budge - especially when she brings the guitar out!" (Mom of 7-month old)
  • "You guys have no idea what this class means to me! I have found in this room a sense of community that I have not found anywhere else so far. I feel at home!" (Mom of 3-year old and 7-month old)